The history of Woermann Brock began several generations ago, in the year 1894.

During this time in Namibian history, there was a great need for general goods and equipment to be imported from Europe and thus, the first ship by the name of “the Woermann-Linie” sailed into the harbor town known as Walvis Bay.

Upon arrival, the Damara & Namaqua Handels-Gesellschaft M.B.H. was formed as a joint venture between the C. Woermann Trading Company and South-West Africa Company Ltd.

In 1909, the company went through some restructuring and officially took on the name: Woermann Brock & Co.

Through many years of ups and downs, trading adversities, two World Wars, severe financial strain, and a devastating fire in 2004, Woermann Brock has remained standing.

Fast forward almost 130 years and find that we still aim to provide you with affordable and easily accessible supermarkets.
We are currently located in 5 different towns, aimed at bringing supermarkets closer to home.

This is your supermarket and we are here for you!

Your Woermann –  Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to operate both an effective and well-constructed company that benefits all Namibians through its contributions and consistent self-improvement in collaboration with our respected partners, who are both our employees and suppliers. 




Our mission is to bring people together in an inclusive shopping experience, by working in close conjunction with our employees and suppliers, in order to provide our customers with a wide range of quality products and services.





Your Woermann Handshake
Each finger represents a core company value we stand by
positive attitude & open mindedness
Index Finger: ambition, determination, passion and focus
Middle Finger: Accountability and responsibility
Ring Finger: Self motivation
Little finger: communication & reliability, honesty and integrity.

Your Woermann Loyalty Card

Be the next person to join our loyalty program!

How it works:

Bring your ID and talk to our cashiers in order to fill out a form and receive your very own loyalty card.

Make sure to always swipe your loyalty card at the till to start accumulating points.

On the 15th of every month, your points are credited to your card and you can use them to pay for your purchases. The more you spend, the more points you earn!

If you want to know your points balance, simply ask your cashier to check the system for you.

Please note: your points are cleared on 28th February every year, but don’t worry: you will receive an SMS, reminding you to please use your points before this date – we do not want you to miss out!

Our pensioners enjoy special benefits, so please make sure you enter the correct details on your
registration form.

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