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 Rent increments are done annually, meaning only once a year.

  • Shortest term: 1 year 
  • Long term: 3/ 5 years

Two – three weeks if all required documentation is attached and the application is completed in full.

No, we do not specify, but the type of business that will be conducted is a factor when the application is considered. Below are a few aspects we look at when considering the application for approval:

  1. Is there already a similar business on the premises?
  2. What products/goods are similar to the other shops on the premises?
  3. Will it hinder the other shops in any way e.g noise, smells, etc. 

Yes, deposit is payable upfront and is equivalent to 1 month’s rent for Namibians and 2 month’s rent for foreigners.

Yes, you can do the application on your personal name.

A valid signed lease agreement for the current place of residence can also be provided in the  absence of a municipal account.

It is vital that we get confirmation on your credibility. Below are some alternatives you can attach (A minimum of 3 references is required in this case):

  1. MTC account for a phone or Wifi or contract
  2. Telecom account
  3. Water account if it is on your name or on the name of your landlord, if it is on the landlord’s name, a copy of the signed lease agreement must be provided with the corresponding name and address
  4. A 6 month bank statement (stamped by the bank)

No and Yes:

  1. No, the deposit has to be paid in FULL before keys are handed over to the tenant, meaning deposit cannot be paid after commencement date of the lease agreement.
  2. Yes, As long as the full amount is paid before the commencement date of the lease agreement, it can be paid off in installments. Almost like a lay-buy agreement.

This depends on the shop that you want to rent, please enquire with us regarding the utilities for the specific shop.

Contact us and we’ll help you out.

We have a fantastic team of people waiting to help you on the phone, by email or even via our social media channels.

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