The history of Woermann Brock began several generations ago, in 1894.

That time in Namibian history saw a great need for general goods and equipment to be imported from Europe, and thus the first ship by the name of the Woermann-Linie sailed into the harbour town Walvis Bay that year. Upon arrival, what was then called the Damara & Namaqua Handels-Gesellschaft M.B.H. was officially formed as a joint venture between the C. Woermann Trading Company and South-West Africa Company Ltd. In 1909, the company went through restructuring and officially took on the now famous name of Woermann, Brock & Co.

After many years of ups and downs, trading adversities, two World Wars, severe financial strain, and a devastating fire in 2003, Woermann Brock  Swakopmund has remained standing.

Fast forward and it is NOW, 125 years later, that we still aim to provide YOU with affordable and easily accessible supermarkets.
We currently have 11 shops in 4 different towns, aimed at bringing supermarkets closer to home.

This is YOUR supermarket, and we are here for YOU!


woermann house.jpg

The famous Woermann Haus in Swakopmund

The old Woermann Brock & Co  Swakopmund Shopping Centre

Woermann Linie Poster.jpg

The Woermann-Linie, which did it's first trip to Walvis Bay in 1894 and marked the beginning of Woermann Brock in Namibia